Custom Fasteners for
medical engineering

Complex part geometries, wide material & capacity range - ISO certified and proven

Medical Engineering | Reliable precicion parts

Saving lives, healing diseases, helping others – responsible activities require the dedication of competent specialists and state-of-the-art technologies. A careful combination of reliability and experience is the basis to fulfil your expectations and to master complicated operations successfully.At TIGGES, we are working in accordance to the principle of a symbiosis of man and technology for years. We are convinced that only a careful combination of these two elements will create a solution fulfilling the expectations of the modern medicine.We provide a large range of services for the solution of various fastening challenges. Conception and development by our own engineers, consulting on existing customer visions or concepts and a high-tech production, which is permanently improved and optimized by innovative technologies.

Manufacturing capabilities

Cold forming

Up to 6-stage presses, short throughput times, high dimensional accuracy


Multi-spindle lathes, long and short lathes up to 16 axes, robot inserts


High surface quality, dimensional and shape accuracy, with automation

Hot forging

Powerful screw presses, high-temperature components

Process stability

Our top priority is a stable production process. We achieve our goal through experienced machine operators, fixed control loops, pre-determined tool life and regular SPC checks.

Cpk metrics ● Professional machine operators ● SPC-Terminals ● Modern machinary and facilities ● Pre-calculated tooling change

Precision and quality

We manufacture your safety-relevant components that you can rely on. Our production process is based on your PPM specifications. If required, we check every component by 100% inspection, so that not a single one falls outside the specified quality requirements.

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