Custom Fasteners for
mechanical engeneering

Complex part geometries, wide material & capacity range - ISO certified and proven

Mechanical engineering | Reliable precicion parts

Each new project is a challenge without a guarantee for success. Obviously, each small detail and every possible risk has to be carefully analysed during the conception and development of a new project. The know-how and support of external specialists is a key to success in this phase.Over the years, TIGGES became even more than exactly this kind of partner for the development and production of individual fastening solutions. The advantages are numerous.The integration of our specialists in the development phase of a new product will bring significant financial advantages.Our experience allows an optimal integration of our fasteners in the complete product concept as well as in the production process, which leads to minimized assembly costs. In addition, we offer an extensive range of products by processing of a wide range of materials.

Manufacturing capabilities

Cold forming

Up to 6-stage presses, short throughput times, high dimensional accuracy


Multi-spindle lathes, long and short lathes up to 16 axes, robot inserts


High surface quality, dimensional and shape accuracy, with automation

Hot forging

Powerful screw presses, high-temperature components

Process stability

Our top priority is a stable production process. We achieve our goal through experienced machine operators, fixed control loops, pre-determined tool life and regular SPC checks.

Cpk metrics ● Professional machine operators ● SPC-Terminals ● Modern machinary and facilities ● Pre-calculated tooling change

Precision and quality

We manufacture your safety-relevant components that you can rely on. Our production process is based on your PPM specifications. If required, we check every component by 100% inspection, so that not a single one falls outside the specified quality requirements.

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