Taiwan Custom
Fasteners &
Precision Parts

At TIGGES, we reliably support our customers
with state-of-the-art precision parts

Our integrated sourcing strategy

Cold forming

High quantity, low material consumption


Complex geometries, precise surface structures


Perfect finish, for visible areas

Hot forging

For durable components, wide choice of materials



Cost efficient, high quantity

What we offer

Taiwan Fasteners

From beginning to end TIGGES team of specialists plan, accompanies, optimizes and executes the production process tailored specifically for your order.

How we work (3:08)

See how we work to source cost efficent parts and ensure product quality
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Our Know-How

Connected Worldwide

With our German parent company we can draw on a wealth of know-how, excellent engineering and years of experience. On top of this you benefit from professional handling, high quality standards (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified) and controlled production, with nothing left to chance.


Fast, flexible, cost-efficient

Why choose TIGGES

Your passionate team

Get in touch with us and Call us directly on +886 7 536 6889 or email us at info@tigges-group.com.