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Cold forming
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Never doing anything by chance, defining exact planning processes, providing precise engineering solutions and simulations as well as performing a high-end production with best materials: these are the cornerstones of our activities in the cold forming sector.
We are processing all materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, high-temperature resisting steels, titanium etc. on our efficient and modern machines of up to 6 forming stages.

Our production range from 2 to 23 mm shaft diameter and a length of
180 mm
provides opportunities to change formerly forged or turned parts in cold formed or combination parts. Concerning the post-processing, we also trust in machines of the newest generation like SPC-controlled thread rolls and CNC-based turning equipment. As also engineering, tool construction, wire drawing and others are performed in-house, we have the capability and flexibility to produce minimum quantities, like samples and prototypes, with a high profitability.

The philosophy of TIGGES, to provide as well engineering as production services for customer specific connection parts, requires a competent project management.

Trust in us and give us the opportunity to analyze if a switch from your formerly turned to cold formed or combined parts might be possible.
Project management
Development & Engineering
Tool construction
Quality management



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